Velvet Looks

Velvet has got to be one of my favourite materials… Looks good. Feels good. Also it’s fun to hug someone whilst they’re wearing velvet. FACTS.

So here I am serving you 3 different velvet looks…

The Cute Look –

For the first look I paired this cotton candy pink dungaree dress with a black and white striped jumper, I really like the distinct contrast of both the patterns and textures with this look. I topped off the outfit with some gold hoop earrings and my lived in vans. Dungarees are perfect for a carefree look and the pocket on the front is super handy for keeping your phone in so you don’t need a handbag, and that means feeling as free as a wild horse galloping in the fields.


Top – Thrifted
Dungaree Dress – Topshop
Shoes – Vans Old Skool
Hooped Earrings – H&M
Mood Ring – I got it off some market stall a million years ago.

The Classy Look –

This dress is pretty deceiving, it doesn’t really look like a velvet dress but it’s so soft to the touch and I’ve had a fair few compliments when people have hugged me and exclaimed how nice the material feels.
As this dress is a bit of a showstopper on it’s own I felt there was no necessity to enhance the look with lots of accessories. So I just chucked on some faithful DM’s and put on some glitter socks (the odd socks aren’t intentional, I am just a huge fail when it comes to pairing up socks after washing my clothes -_-)


Dress – Topshop
Socks – H&M
Shoes – Dr Martens
Earrings – Thrifted
Ring – Same as above!

The Sassy Look –

This look is one for the disco queen tom boys out there.
I normally like to include contrasts of feminine and masculine elements in outfits, and this one pulls together disco velvet and punk-esque aesthetics. I quite like the pairing of the delicate textures and tones of the crushed velvet top against the stark roughness of the denim jacket and, the checkered trousers on top bring another dimension to this look. Then what do you know, I finished off the look with some dainty gold earring and a pair of oxblood DM’s (AGAIN?! I KNOW. But I live in the same town as the factory which means I can get super cheap docs, so just give me a break pls!)


Top – H&M
Trousers – H&M from  a g e s  ago
Denim Jacket – Thrifted
Shoes – Dr Martens
Earrings – My Mum’s

Let me know if you digged these looks!


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A Couple of Springtime Outfits

Hello, friends.

So, as spring is in full swing here I am bringing you two contrasting looks perfect for this time of year. Spring and Autumn are my two favourite seasons as I hate being too hot or too cold, so I chose these outfits to really reflect that.

Spring time outfit

The first look is a really light, bright and cutesy outfit. I paired this stripy blue and white button down with a faux suede button skirt. I topped off the outfit with my spiked Dr Martens to tone down the airiness and bring some edge. This look is really build-able and on a chillier day a light denim jacket layered over would look great.

Floral springtime look

Florals for spring are hardly groundbreaking but this second outfit incorporates a floral design in more of a gritty way. This dress meets bohemian and gothic styles right in the middle, it has a lot of material and is slightly oversized, but it’s still quite floaty so you can catch the breeze on a warmer day. It also has drawstrings so you can control how much your sleeves are flared which is pretty neat.

I feel this dress was a statement on it’s own and didn’t need any crazy accessories, so I paired it with my blue Dr Martens and my opal style and mood ring.

Outfit 1 

Top – Zara
Skirt – Primark
Rings – Various
Shoes – Dr Martens

Outfit 2

Dress – Bershka
Rings – Various
Shoes – Dr Martens

Thanks for reading this post… I promise to be better with posting on the regs!


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OOTD – Understated Fishnets


I’ve been loving the trend of fishnets and I’m all over this really cool and effortless way to wear them. Fishnet tights have always had quite raunchy and risqué connotations, originating in Paris they were often associated with the dancers and flapper girls. Then fast forward about a century the Punk subculture had made fishnets their own in the 1970’s/80 standing as a symbol of anarchy, resistance and disorder.
But now they are back, after being all over the A/W 16 runways, fishnets have become an interesting experimental piece.

One of the ways to experiment with them is wearing them in an understated way, I think there is something quite flirty about catching a glimpse of them under a pair of floaty trousers.
I highly recommend getting a pair and incorporating them into your wardrobe and styling them in fun and different ways!






Top – H&M
Tee – My Dad’s from the 80’s
Trousers – Topshop –
Fishnets – Ebay –
Socks – Topshop –

Let me know how you style fishnets!



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Glittery NYE Make Up

glittery nye make up

Hey guys,

I have been awfully neglecting this blog recently due to working 45 hour weeks/MAJOR hard drive troubles, but, luckily father christmas brought me a shiny new hard drive so I will most definitely be posting content on the regs from now on.

But anyway life story over.

ITS NEW YEARS THIS WEEKEND and I’m so excited to spend it getting merry with my friends. Also, NYE is a great excuse to put on your best glad rags and cover yourself in glitter, so I’m bringing you this super fun make up look that is perfect for those of you who wanna look a bit extra on this fine occasion.

First things first you’re going to want to start off with a flawless base, I chose Hourglass’ Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick as it’s high coverage and my fave foundation for going out all night it doesn’t look like you’ve got a ton of make up on your face and it really lasts for hours on end.

glittery NYE make up

These are all the products I used for my base…

glittery nye make up

bareMinerals Prime Time Neutralizing Foundation Primer
Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick
Two Faced Born This Way Concealer
Kiko Invisible Touch Powder
Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil
Kiko Contouring Stick
Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Highlighter 

So the next step is the fun one! Applying all the eye makeup and lips. I used a loose glitter and cut out stars from my mum’s craft stash along with some strong lash glue so I was sure that nothing would budge. I then finished it with eyeliner and mascara and I have shown the look with two different lip colours.

Glittery NYE Look


Close up of the eye make up.

glittery NYE look

Here’s all the product I used for the eyes/lips…


Two Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
Esqido Companion Eyelash Glue
Tarte Lipstick – Plummy Rose
Maybelline Master Ink Matte Eyeliner
Tarte Light, Camera, Lashes

I HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A FABULOUS NEW YEAR’s and see you on the other side xxx


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Patches and Pins Round up

I love patches and pin badges. The fact that you can get great designs into a small amount of space and how they can range from being witty, nostalgic, pretty and just plain old rad.
With so many cool patches and enamel pins out there your old denim or has-been pieces are just waiting to be customised and brought back to life with these cute add ons.
I’ve rounded up my ultimate faves, so check ’em out below…

1.Tuesday Bassen – Erase You Patch

All of Tuesday Bassen’s designs are adorable and have that aura of GRL PWR running through them, but I love this one in particular. It the perfect amount of sassy but cute. Buy the Erase You patch here.

Tuesday Bassen. Erase you patch

2. Mikko Heino – Clippy Pin Badge.

Weep. The kids of today will never know. But if you know, you know. THIS GUY.
Buy it here via Beach London.
clippy pin badge
3. Stay Home Club X American Football – Stay Home Patch

If you know and love American Football (the band) then you will understand how sick this patch is. It comes from a collab between the band and Stay Home Club. It features the now iconic house from the debut album and the song title from said album, which funnily enough are the first two words of this brand’s name!
The patch is currently sold out on the Stay Home Club website but you can grab it here via Beach London.

American Football and Stay Home Club Patch Collaboration

4. Explorer’s Press- People to Kill Lapel Pin

Explorer’s Press make tongue in-cheek macabre accessories and soft goods. I love this pin because, to be honest, on a really bad day I pretty much have a mental book of people that I too would like to kill. Buy the People to Kill Patch here.

patches and pins people to kill explorers press

5. ARTOO BLAKWATR/Valley Cruise Press – Tropical Vibes Patch

Valley Cruise Press often collaborates with loads of talented artists like Artoo Blakwatr, a tattoo artist who hails from California. His style of mixing bold colours and graphic designs make for some drool worthy patches. Get this one here from Valley Cruise Press.


6. No Fun Press – Procrastinator Patch

No Fun Press is an accessory brand built on bad vibes. Self proclaimed as “producing quality items for disgruntled people with discerning taste” No Fun makes the patches do the talkin’ for you. I love the clever idea of this procrastinating patch, it definitely calls to the chronic procrastinator within me. Definitely check out all the other sick stuff on their site here.
Buy the Procrastinator Patch here.


7. Pity Party – Melt Saturn Enamel Pin

Pity Party is an artist collective stocking zines, shirts, accessories and more! This psychedelic melting saturn pin would be a trippy addition to any piece of your clothing which needs an injection of colour. Get the Melt Saturn Enamel Pin here.

melt saturn Pity Party

8. Stay Home Club – Frequent Crier Patch

Last one is from Stay Home Club again because I love them so. This patch must’ve been made for my soul. Come join the club. Grab the Frequent Crier Patch here.

patches and pins frequent crier club lifetime member stay home club

Hope you liked all of these patches and pins. There are some incredible independent artists and press’ on this list so do go and check them out!


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Another Depop spotlight on another amazing gal. Brigita (a.k.a) Zed Vintage is killing it on the platform with over 100,000+ followers, her simple aesthetics and vintage garms. She prides herself on sustainable and ethical fashion and is a big believer in up-cycling clothes rather than buying new. Brigita does everything herself start to finish from sourcing the stock to sending it off the the customer. She also shoots all the images herself and works hard to keep her feed consistent and it shows for sure.
As the days are getting shorter and the blustery days of winter are nearing we thought showcasing her new collection of coats and outerwear would be super fun. So check out below just a few things of the amazing stock she has…depop zed vintage

depop zed vintagedepop zed vintage depop zed vintage depop zed vintage


Check out Zed Vintage on Depop here for an eclectic selection of vintage clothes, she’s also big on crocheting and hand-making cute accessories too!


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Strawberry, Banana and Oat Smoothie

Healthy smoothies are a great meal alternative in the mornings if you are in a hurry, and this one is healthy AND so tasty. Strawberry and banana is a classic combination and you really can’t go wrong with it, it’s light and airy and perfect for a balmy autumn morning. I added in oats not just for the many health benefits (rich in fibre, lowers blood pressure and contains lots of minerals) but because this is the ingredient in the smoothie that is going to keep you full until lunchtime.

strawberry banana oat smoothie


1 ripe banana
Handful of strawberries (about 8 medium sized strawberries)
2 tbsp of wholegrain oats
1 cup milk of your choice (I used almond milk)
2 tbsp of greek yogurt
1 tsp of honey (optional)
A couple of ice cubes (optional)


First up, crush the ice in the blender if you’re using it, after this blend the oats up so they become a powder like consistency. Then just chuck all the other ingriendents that you are using and blend it all up together, taste it and if it’s too tart then add a little bit more honey. If its too thick add more milk and if it’s too thin add some more fruit and/or greek yogurt.

There you have it! A lovely creamy smoothie that which is a great breakfast for on the go.

Tip: Prep the fruit the night before and put it into the freezer, then in the morning all you’ll have to do is throw it in the blender and add the milk, oats and yogurt. You won’t even have to add ice either as the fruit will already be frozen!

strawberry banana oat smoothie

Let me know in the comments what your favourite thing is to eat/drink in the mornings!


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Depop Tianah Jones

Tianah is one of my really good friends and a mega stylish gal who has the eye of a hawk when it comes to thrifted finds. Her Depop shop has amassed over 80,000 followers and that’s no easy feat. Her shop is really cohesive, aesthetically pleasing and really embodies the eccentric east side vibe well. Also, all of the pieces are hand picked and she shoots all the products herself, packages them up and sends them off too.

So, I thought a collab between ourselves would be pretty rad, so that’s what we did. I also wanted to showcase some of the gritty everyday urban pieces that she sells.


Tianah has an amazing selection of reworked vintage denims in collaboration with @zed_vintage. So we paired this super cute floral dress with a oversized bomber style vintage Fila coat for contrast, and then topped it off with the delicate handmade lace choker.

Depop Tianah Jones Depop Tianah Jones Depop Tianah Jones Depop Tianah Jones

For the second outfit Tianah went down a more understated 90’s grunge feel with these high waisted long jeans, I had rolled them up slightly as they were too long for my short self, but unrolled they have a slight flared bottom. Then she paired the jeans with a simple black wraparound and another handmade choker for a bold look.

Depop Tianah Jones Depop Tianah Jones Depop Tianah Jones


Tianah has an array of other unique finds and handmade goods on her Depop so check out her shop here.

Styling – Tianah Jones
Photography – Ayub Wade
Editing – Niralee Modha


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Metallic Mink & Dots

Hey guys, so recently I have grown out my nails after years of biting them – I’ve literally bit my nails since I can remember. So, I thought I would paint my nails because I finally have some, and after rummaging through all the polishes my mum gave me so long ago I found this really cool dotting tool. So I decided to base the look around a simple black dot on each nail and found a complimentary yet understated metallic nail polish for underneath.

These are all the items I used, and if you dont have these you can definetly trade in other polishes and topcoats of your choice!

  1. Leighton Denny Polish – Metallic Mink
  2. Orly Polish – Black
  3. Leighton Denny Miracle Drops (Optional, I’m just impatient but you can let yours airdry)
  4. Model’s Own – Small Dotting Tool
  5. Leighton Denny Top Coat – Crystal Finish
  6. Scrap Piece of Paper




So firstly, I painted on Metallic Mink onto all my nails, I did about 3 coats as the polish was quite thin and even after two coats I could still faintly see my nail underneath.


After my nails were touch dry I poured out a little bit of my black polish out onto a scrap piece of paper, I actually practiced dotting on this paper before I started on my nails. The trick to making perfect dots is to keep the dotting tool upright, also a steady hand helps too!


After I finished all the dots I put some Miracle Drops onto my nails so they would dry faster and then finished up with the topcoat.

There you have it! This is a super simple look with a twist. This design can have so many combinations just switch up the base colour and/or the colour of the dots and you have so many different looks to choose from. I hope you like and if you decide to try it out let me know!


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Yayoi Kusama – Victoria Miro

So recently I went to Yayoi Kusama’s exhibition at the Victoria Miro in Angel. The exhibition consisted of her famous mirror rooms, paintings and sculptures. The whole exhibition was phenomenal but the mirror rooms were absolutely outstanding, her use of mirrors, rooms and the things within them are breathtaking and so clever. When I stepped into each one and the door closed behind me I felt like I had been transported to another world, the way Kusama can change the surrounding world around you with just a simple box is astounding.

This exhibition’s closing day is tomorrow so you better hurry before it goes and it will most certainly be worth it I can promise you.

All the Eternal Love I Have for the Pumpkins

Yayoi Kusama - All the eternal love I have for the pumpkins

Yayoi Kusama - All the eternal love I have for the pumpkins
Where the Lights in My Heart Go

Yayoi Kusama - Where the lights in my heart go

Infinity Net Paintings



Yayoi Kusama - All the eternal love I have for the pumpkins
Chandelier of Grief

Yayoi Kusama - Chandelier of Grief

Yayoi Kusama - Chandelier of Grief

Yayoi Kusama - Chandelier of Grief

Victoria Miro
16 Wharf Road
London N1 7RW

Have you gone and seen the exhibiton? Let me know in the comments!


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